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Terms and conditions
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Studio Video is a service of Colemi SARL, identified from the number CH-550.1.077.547-7.

The Terms and Conditions are intended to define the contractual relationship between Colemi SARL and the customer. Thus, any order made by a customer automatically entails the definitive agreement of the customer for all of these General Terms and Conditions. The customer can consult them at any time on www.studiovideo.ch.

Privacy Policy

As Colemi SARL uses third parties to perform the services, it is entitled to disclose to third parties the client information and working documents, including the elements to be used and any other necessary appendices.


The prices can change at any time, the only rates retained are those mentioned on the offer. The prices of Colemi SARL are by default indicated in Swiss francs CHF, except of course if another currency is mentioned explicitly.

In the case of prices indicated in another currency, the exchange rate must be agreed between the parties. Without an explicit agreement, the exchange rate is the one indicated by the Swiss National Bank.

For any extra work, the hourly rate is 120 CHF excluding taxes.

Payment Terms

Invoices are sent by post or by e-mail. Each invoice must be paid within 30 days, starting from the reception of the invoice, unless another duration is stated. Invoices must be paid by wire transfer, unless the parties agree on another method.

In the absence of payment under the indicated conditions, Colemi SARL reserves the right to suspend or cancel the concerned order.


In the case of a delivery time, it must be written. The delivery time to realize the service depends on the information, the content and possibly the documents that the client must provide to the company Colemi SARL.

If the customer's cooperation is required for the ordered service, the delivery period will be extended for as long as the client's delay in relation to his commitment. Delivery dates are only applicable if they are confirmed by Colemi SARL.

The delivery is by default performed on digital ways, unless another method is agreed. Delivery costs will be charged to the customer.


Delays may be caused by changes from the customer. The delivery period will thus be extended. Any delay must be announced as soon as possible.

Colemi SARL can not be held responsible for failure to meet the deadline for computer problems, partner problems or other unavoidable circumstances.


The customer will verify the documents and deliverables from Colemi SARL within 7 calendar days from the delivery. If the service provided by Colemi SARL corresponds to the one expected, the client will have to give his approval during this period, by e-mail or by letter.

If Colemi SARL does not receive an answert within this period, the performed service will be considered as meeting expectations. Claims for compensation are excluded.

Claims are limited to corrections. Any correction is excluded when the customer himself is responsible for the deficiencies (for example, incomplete information or original texts including errors).


Colemi SARL can refuse orders. An order can be refused, for example, in the following cases: a text or information that is harmful to morals, or of a criminal nature.

An order may also be refused if circumstances can not permit the normal execution of the order. If an order is refused, Colemi SARL is not required to provide a reason, and the customer can not claim compensation.


The company Colemi SARL can under no circumstances be held responsible for consequences, special indirect or immaterial damages (including but not limited to loss of profits or savings, health of a user, work interruptions, Deterioration or replacement of equipment and property, etc.) arising from its work, product or services.

The responsibility of Colemi SARL is limited to foreseeable and contractual damages and is limited to the value of the contract.

Colemi SARL is relieved of its obligations and responsibilities in the event that the customer provides incomplete, incorrect or unprofitable information or documents that are not easily handled or not delivered in good time by the client.


In accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations, the client may terminate the contract in advance. In this case, the customer is obliged to pay to Colemi SARL the expenses corresping to the realised performance of the contract until the time when the order has been cancelled.

Regardless of the termination date of the contract, Colemi SARL will in all cases be entitled to at least 50% of the contractually agreed amount, in respect of reimbursement of expenses.

Prohibition of debauchery

During the collaboration between the parties and during a period of two years from the moment their collaboration ceases, the customer commits himself not to hire (directly or indirectly) people working for Colemi SARL without the agreement of Colemi SARL.

Intellectual property

The client must first ensure the free use of the texts and documents entrusted to Colemi SARL.


The use of specialized terminology used by a client is only possible if it has been expressly agreed upon and if sufficient documents (eg word lists or terminology lists) have been made available Before the order. Otherwise, the specialized expressions will be used according to the usual standards

Partial validity / partial nullity

If any part of the contract, including these Terms and Conditions, is found to be wholly or partly invalid or ineffective, or becomes so, such validity or partial nullity shall not affect the validity of the other parts. On the contrary, instead of the ineffective provision, there is an alternative provision that is consistent with, or at least approximates to, the objective of the agreement and that the parties would have concluded in order to achieve For the same economic purposes as if they had experienced the ineffectiveness of that provision.

Location of performance

The location of performance of the contractual services is the headquarters of Colemi SARL in Châtel-St-Denis, Switzerland.

Language of communication

In the case of incomprehension, inconsistency or ambiguity between the different language versions of the general conditions, contract, or other agreements: the French version is the valid version Priority over others.

Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Swiss law. The place of juridiction is located in Châtel-St-Denis (Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland).