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Video for Events

We make the video of your professional or private event.


Site spotting, identification of the constraints (lighting, sound system, traffic etc.). Preparation of the sequences (key person interviews)

Video Capture

Visual: several simultaneous cameras, managed by technicians (cameramen, assistants). The sound pickup can be: ambient sound or microphone hand/micro-headphone.


We create the video. Intriduction of visual effects / sound, specific sequences (interview), background music, titration.

Voice Over

Text proposition, recorded by a professional actor. Possibility to translate to other languages.

We can work on several types of events
  • Private / public shows
  • Sports events
  • Corporate meetings or seminars
  • Theater, artistic performances
  • Festivals / Music Concerts
  • Examples
    Magasin Ballon Müller
    Théâtre Bulle en Scène
    Company Video in Switzerland
    High Quality
    We produce videos with a high quality, made by a serious team, applying professional procedures
    Efficient video reportage
    We are a professional agency, and our method proved its efficiency to get a high qualit result in a short time

    Camera and professional movies
    We work with professional and last generation equipments. This includes physical hardware and softwares, in order to provide high-quality videos
    Film and professional reportages
    Tailor-made projects
    We adapt our work according to your needs and objectives. The videos are reviewed and reworked according to your instructions to match your image.
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