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Realization a professional film for companies, with cartoons
Video Scribing

This is an animated presentation where is exposed essential information in a story read by a voice-over. The animation is made of illustrations and words.

Words and images are used to make visible the links between the key concepts described by the story.

Visual marks help focus attention on key information to remember.

The storage rate is much higher than an ordinary presentation.

Our method:


The purpose is to define the main message to provide.


Writing the texts that will be read by the voice-over, and preparation of the scenes which will represent the message to provide, like a comic.


Creation of non-animated sequences, to obtain a concrete visual of the video to produce.


We record the voice-over by a professional actor (m/f), and we produce the animated video, synchronized with the voice-over. The video scribing is then provided through a download link

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We produce videos with a high quality, made by a serious team, applying professional procedures
Efficient video reportage
We are a professional agency, and our method proved its efficiency to get a high qualit result in a short time

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We work with professional and last generation equipments. This includes physical hardware and softwares, in order to provide high-quality videos
Film and professional reportages
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We adapt our work according to your needs and objectives. The videos are reviewed and reworked according to your instructions to match your image.
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